Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Get out the Vote - whatever your views :)

The upcoming election is full of issues that will shape our future. It's a crucial time in our country filled with war, economic woes, global warming, and energy dependencies. One thing is for sure, whoever moves into the White House will be better than George W. Bush (and yes, I think even Sarah Palin is better than Bush). As with any election, there is no perfect candidate, but Obama currently has a significant lead and stands for the change this nation needs. There are serious problems with the economy....mass foreclosures, increasing unemployment, and a volatile, sinking stock market that is affecting the entire world. I hope that Americans will vote for change, for unity, for prosperity, and for peace.

Another major issue facing California, and inevitably the rest of the nation is Proposition 8. This proposition would ammend the state constitution and ban same-sex marriages. This issue is frustrating to see play out since it so it is so emotional for the supporters of the proposition. It seems to me to based on hate and disgust for homosexuals. Underneath the lie that it will force children to be taught about gay marriage, is the truth that because supporters disagree with homosexuality, they don't want homosexuals to have equal rights....that would be like saying being gay is OK. The outcome of this race won't affect me too much...maybe not at all, but I don't like the true motives of the supporters and urge everyone to think about people's rights and not about whether or not being gay is "right". I have so many kind and intelligent friends and family members who support this proposition, but I think if they could really understand that it is about equality and how they have nothing to fear, they would not want to take a fundamental right away from anyone.

"Yes on 8" says, "the best situation for a child is to be raised by a married mother and father." And while that sounds like a sound principle, it isn't alway practical. In an ideal world, a lot of things that AREN'T, would BE. In an ideal world, no child would suffer from a disability. No child would suffer from disease. No child would be teased. No child would lose a loved one. Parents would not get divorced. There would be no learning disabilities. There would be no mental illness. In an ideal every child would be beautiful. No child would be overweight. No child would be poor. There would always be enough for everyone. Everyone would be accepted for who they are.

My point is that there are differences between us all. If we restricted rights and mandated specific lifestyles in order to create and ideal world, well, that sounds a little fascist, doesn't it? Is it right to stamp out diversity? Is it right to restrict love?

Children these days are lucky to have a "traditional" family...that's an increasing minority, for a number of reasons (homosexuality being the least of these). And having one mother and one father isn't always the best. There are a whole mess of "traditional" families screwing up kids. Which brings me to the point that it's not the sexual orientation or number of men versus the number of women in a family that determine the happiness and wellness of a is the values of love and kindness and acceptance that are imparted on the child.

And keeping homosexuals from marrying won't rid the world of homosexuals. It won't keep them from having loving relationships (as well as dysfunctional ones like the rest of us). It won't keep them from having families. It just keeps them from saying they are "married". What's the point in that? What is the real harm? What are people REALLY scared of?


Alison said...

Hey! I thought you weren't political! Well it's good to see you are on the right side...or is that the left? :) At any rate, I wholeheartedly agree...and your post was very well said!

Angie C said...

Hey Carin! I finally checked our your blog. What a beautiful family you have! Your girls remind me so much of your sisters. Anyway, I'm sure you know where I stand regarding gay marriage and I respect your opinion and admire your convictions. However, we know this issue is far from resolved. I'm writing this to ask you that in the future, you avoid making inflammatory statements like supporters of Prop 8 have a "hatred and disgust for homosexuals". This statement is not only false, but has the potential to incite feelings of "hatred and disgust" towards good people who love and respect homosexuals, but simply believe that redefining marriage to include same-sex unions is against God's will. Religious intolerance is not only growing in this country, but is widely encouraged by the media, where religious conservatives and Christianity in general is negatively portrayed. As your friend, I would never ask you to change your beliefs, but please avoid encouraging this trend of intolerance.

Protest Prop8 Posters said...

Great Blog! Of course Gay Marriage should be legal. It is outright bigotry to think otherwise. Of course in recent history there were states that wouldn't allow interracial marriage - as that was redefining marriage. So our new President's parents wouldnt have been able to marry in several states. Does that make any sense? That's so wrecked.

I don't understand where these advocates for Yes on 8 get this perspective the marriage is some sacred institution. If it is, it has been tarnished by straight people through the years with infidelity, abuse, divorce, etc... Under those pretenses people should not be allowed to divorce or remarry there after. But that was easily overcome when even the religious have realized that it just might not be in God's plan to love that one person you marry your whole life. So now Divorce is all good in God's eyes? Right on religion! I could argue this for days... but just want to say...

Keep fighting for what you believe in Carin! Don't ever let your voice be compromised by anyone else.

Love is not against God's will.

Love not H8!