Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Play Time with Bridget

Here's just a cute (albeit looong) video of Bridget playing with her toys before bedtime. I just love her interpretation of a wedding :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sliver of Sunshine at the Diamond

While California is known for its wonderful, year-round sunny weather, we, in the Central Valley, do actually have a winter season, albeit a moderate one. Usually riddled with dense, dreary fog, and minimal amounts of rain, it's just a short season breaking up the long, hot summer. Yes, we don't usually get all the rain we need to sustain the wonderful agriculture industry the valley needs, but this year we have seen quite a bit of rain, and I am not about to complain.

In our house, we are all finding different reasons to enjoy the rain. The girls have discovered puddles and love any excuse to don their galoshes ("huh?" they say), er, rain boots, and stamp through any standing water they can find. Well, even without rain boots.... Dave has been charting the weather daily to plan as many ski trips as he can fit in. He even bought Bridget ski goggles...I guess for that blizzard she's going to ski through? That man is all about the skis right now. And I just love to listen to the patter of the drops...whether curling up with a book or working, it's all better with the soft sound of rain in the background.

But Saturday provided a slight break between storms and we jumped at the chance to get the kids outdoors. With a sunny and 65-ish degree day before us, we decided it was a perfect day to take the kids to their first baseball game and support our college at the same time. Taking a 2-year-old and 4-year-old to a baseball game, sans naps, is a bit tricky, but if you can try to remain flexible (soooo hard for me) and don't care if you have to leave in the 6th inning, it is a great way to spend an afternoon.

The girls made friends with a 4-year-old girl in sitting in front of us, had a ton of ice cream (thanks, Dad!), and tried to grasp the concept of the game (so over their heads). The only part I really couldn't handle was their fascination with the discarded sunflower seeds spit all over the ground. SOOOOO GROSS their need to inspect them, to pick them up, to put them in their mouths?!?!? OMG! And as much as I tried to explain how gross the shells were, the MORE they became obsessed. UGH!

** Note to self: Next time I take the kids to a sporting event, be sure to pack a tiny broom and dust pan in the purse.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Monday, October 19, 2009

Big girl bed and Family pictures

Last Friday, Courtney officially became a big girl with her new big girl bed. There are actually a few more "big girl" milestones to celebrate (like ditching the pacifier and bottle), but one step at a time. We converted her crib into a toddler bed, and when I can keep both girls from jumping on it, it's been a pretty big success.

I guess the real "win" in the evolution to a bed she can get out of, is that she will no longer rip her diaper off in protest when we don't get her out the crib. Just last week she unzipped her footie pajamas and stuffed her pull-up down the side of the mattress and stood there stark naked until I rescued her. That will teach me to try to get in an extra minute of sleep!

Well, now she can come and get me all by herself, although she's more likely to pick up an accomplice on the way. She has done a pretty good job of staying put in the crib at bedtime as well....so fingers crossed for continued success. She is quite proud of the graduation and both girls are enjoying just one more place to play together.

Bridget has been thouroughly impressing me with her new style of artistry. She has been drawing family pictures, and they are simply adorable. I guess it comes with being a mom to just melt over these types of pictures, but when you see the progress, it really is amazing. She wants to display them all over and has been taping them to doors, walls, etc.
I don't really mind... I think the likeness to us all is uncanny!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Bridget!

Yesterday was Bridget's 4th birthday, and I am in awe of the little person she is becoming. She melts my heart with her sweetness and amazes me with all she is learning. Similar to by post for Courtney, I wanted to document this moment in time and list some of my favorite facts about my big girl.
  • If I show her a catalog of clothing and ask her to pick what she likes, she will only select boys clothes.
  • She salutes everybody, but does it backwards....smacking herself in the forehead.
  • When she wants to be sweet, she talks in a baby voice.
  • Without a doubt, her favorite activity is jumping.
  • She is currently obsessed with Scooby Doo.
  • She refuses (REFUSES) to wear a dress. If requested, she will respond, "Yuckgh!" and cry if forced..so we don't force. As a side note, she does tell me I'm beautiful when I wear a dress and pets it sweetly.
  • Her favorite color is RED.
  • She walks on the tippy tips or knuckles of her toes...this freaks out half of who see her, the other half tell us she should do ballet, to which she responds, "Yuckgh!" (sigh)
  • She is very thorough when she colors, leaving very few spots untouched.

As with any 4-year-old, we have our moments and she can really try my patience (and win), but she is a really sweet girl who makes friends with everyone. She want to meet everyone and be friends with everyone. Since she was a tiny baby, her bubbly personality has wrapped everyone around her finger.

I am really lucky to be her mom and am so proud of my big little girl!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Courtney!

Courtney turned two last Thursday, and I have to admit that I'm not feeling as blue as I thought I would at this point. When Bridget turned two, I was busy with my newborn and didn't dwell on her phasing into a big girl. We needed her to make that transition to help us with the new baby. But with Courtney, since she is most likely my last baby, I thought I would be more nostalgic and missing those itty-bitty baby moments.

But I'm really proud of my little girl. I'm really enjoying this phase with her as she learns new words everyday and has even decided to potty train. OK, OK....so she still occasionally has her pacifier (gasp), but she's developing wonderfully and really an all-around wonderful kid. So instead of reminiscing, I am going to celebrate her and highlight where she is today...at wonderful 2!

  • She calls her sister "Kitty Kat" in the most adorable voice.
  • She gives perfect little kisses and hugs that melt you immediately.
  • When she laughs really hard, she inhales deeply making donkey noises.
  • She insists on dressing herself, but after about 5 minutes finally asks for help.
  • When she asks for something, she says "Peeeease" and rubs her chest (sign language).
  • She is fearless in her swim lessons.
  • She tries really hard to sing her ABC's (and is close).
  • She kisses all the animals in her Time for Bed book.
  • She sneaks into the bathroom to wash her hands and I find her lathered to her elbows.
  • She loves her sister and copies her or bickers with her all the time.
  • She adores baby dolls and has started to really care for them.

So Happy Birthday, my Sweet Courtney!
You are loved very, very much....