Thursday, January 29, 2009

I don't need to be #1....right?

I'm not going to give any lame excuses for letting my blog slip, like I've been too busy or any other nonsense...because let's face it, if I have time to watch American Idol or The Bachelor, I have time. What I also have is a paralysis and habit to do nothing when I don't think I have the perfect means to the end.

I find that I have a debilitating condition that has plagued much of my adult life. My lack of achievement may seem like laziness (I refuse to think anyone would even consider inability as the perpetrator), but I believe it is my fear of anything less than perfection. Perfection may even be a little high, a fear of failure is probably more like it. I think I take "A job worth doing is worth doing well" to an extreme. If I don't have a perfect plan or know exactly the "right" way to do something, I end up doing nothing at all. I am trying to remind myself that success isn't being #1, in this world there is room for a whole lot of successful #2s and #3s and so forth. For example, there isn't only one successful coffee company. OK Starbucks might be the tops, but there are a slew of other companies turning profits (maybe not in the current economy) and who have fans and followers. The point is that there is room enough in the world for diversity, and unlike Olympic sports, being #2 and #3, even #20 can still be life-changing, wildly successful, and completely fulfilling.

So, in a very public way, I will be attempting to overcome this curse by posting something, anything, even just a thought, a little tidbit....and it doesn't have to be perfect, life-altering, or revolutionary. It will be my "therapy"...probably just what everyone wants to be involved in...and by everyone, I am talking about the 2 or 3 people who say they read this. My hope is that I will be motivated to take more chances in life and be less afraid of failure.

Well, I've used up all my time today and this is about as enlightening as it's going to get (I hear American Idol about people with no fear of failure). Stay tuned for the fun to start!