Friday, October 10, 2008

Wow, we've had a busy couple of weeks, and that has kept me from tending to my blogging. Our latest adventure took us to the Camarillo area for my step-sister's wedding. We rented a house in Oxnard with my sister and her family. That entailed a few fun trips to the beach and lots of cousin-fun. The wedding was gorgeous, and although it rained that day, it cleared up for the ceremony allowing us a beautiful outdoor experience. Amy was an absolutely gorgeous bride and I think she had a wonderful day. Bridget and her cousins were adorable and well-behaved flower girls. Look for the slideshow!

On the way down I was able to stop and see my dearest friend, Alison, and her lovely family. It had been just over 3 years (since Bridget's baby shower) since I had seen them all. I was so glad to see their home and have some time to catch up with them.

Hopefully things will slow down and I'll get some downtime at home. The weather has started to turn cold and it's time to organize the girls' closets and get them ready for the cold. Bridget threw a fit this morning in her jeans because she couldn't "see her knees". What are you going to do.
I hope everyone is well.

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