Friday, February 6, 2009

Hello, hello!

There will be a post on this blog every week....even if I have to make up random things or ramble on about nothing.

So here's the topic this week...FaceBook. (I'm watching The Soup right now...I see next week's topic!)

I love FaceBook. So does Dave, even though he wouldn't admit to it. It has connected me with all my old school friends, and keeps me in touch with old colleagues. I remember seeing a 20/20 about it, thinking, that's nothing special. Then my sister made me sign up to see some video or picture album or something, and I'm thinking, " more thing to sign up for and try to manage account info... (sigh)" I've already let Jen know about my silent cursing, followed by my, "I was wrong...I love FB".

Now I am completely addicted. Since I am no longer going to an office and connecting with my lady friends, I have resorted to FB to connect me to the outside world. Plus, I LOVE seeing my old friends and seeing where they are now. I think FaceBook will be the death of the High School Reunion (thank goodness). I don't need to go to some lame dinner/party to see what everyone's up to...and this way I connect with those I care about...many of whom wouldn't be at the reunion anyway. Awesome! I just love knowing what everyone is up to. Everyone has turned out to be so interesting and wonderful, I am constantly impressed with all my friends. And I love the opportunity to increase my circle of friends beyond my daily interactions.

So, if you aren't on FaceBook...get on it. Old, young, popular, and otherwise...try it out, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Add me as your friend, or better yet, create some type of page that hundreds of thousands will become fans.