Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Courtney!

Courtney turned two last Thursday, and I have to admit that I'm not feeling as blue as I thought I would at this point. When Bridget turned two, I was busy with my newborn and didn't dwell on her phasing into a big girl. We needed her to make that transition to help us with the new baby. But with Courtney, since she is most likely my last baby, I thought I would be more nostalgic and missing those itty-bitty baby moments.

But I'm really proud of my little girl. I'm really enjoying this phase with her as she learns new words everyday and has even decided to potty train. OK, she still occasionally has her pacifier (gasp), but she's developing wonderfully and really an all-around wonderful kid. So instead of reminiscing, I am going to celebrate her and highlight where she is wonderful 2!

  • She calls her sister "Kitty Kat" in the most adorable voice.
  • She gives perfect little kisses and hugs that melt you immediately.
  • When she laughs really hard, she inhales deeply making donkey noises.
  • She insists on dressing herself, but after about 5 minutes finally asks for help.
  • When she asks for something, she says "Peeeease" and rubs her chest (sign language).
  • She is fearless in her swim lessons.
  • She tries really hard to sing her ABC's (and is close).
  • She kisses all the animals in her Time for Bed book.
  • She sneaks into the bathroom to wash her hands and I find her lathered to her elbows.
  • She loves her sister and copies her or bickers with her all the time.
  • She adores baby dolls and has started to really care for them.

So Happy Birthday, my Sweet Courtney!
You are loved very, very much....

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