Sunday, June 14, 2009

Little Tidbits

I have a tough time finding a specific focus or topic for blogging, which usually prevents me from adding posts at regular intervals. I've decided to add a format that allows me to document specific phases of each of the girls, which should be good, since I've been so horrible with baby books and simply can't do scrapbooking. By adding a small snippet about each of the girls to the posts, I hope to do a better job of preserving the wonderful memories and silly moments.

So if I don't have a topic (which I don't today), I will try to still post some small tidbits about my children. Here's the current state of my beautiful girls....

After getting out of pool/slide in the backyard, my mom took Bridget potty. Mom noticed her wrinkly fingers and said, "Look at your pruney fingers!" To which Bridget replied, "Yes, they're just like your neck."
Thank goodness mom has a great sense of humor and thought it was hilarious.

Courtney has entered the phase where she wants to dress herself and sits down and puts on any random piece of clothing she can find. I picked her up to go outside and I noticed her shirt felt abnormally thick, and when I pulled it up, I noticed a pair of my panties around her waist. Luckily they were pulled from the basket of clean laundry, but I have caught her with Dave's underwear on her head, trying to put on my sports bra, and both legs into one leg of Bridget's swimsuits. This is a fun phase, but now I have to inspect her carefully before taking her outside the house.

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