Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Spring

Well, it's been a while since I've posted, even though I swore I would do better. And quite a bit has happened.

I'm an Appraiser!

I FINALLY got my Real Estate Appraiser's License issued and once I get a few more things in line (like insurance, etc.) I can start appraising houses on my own. I am soooo appreciative of my husband who took the time to teach me the business and supported me on this career change. So now I really need to hit the pavement and get my website built and work on some other marketing strategies. I'm a little nervous (baby-bird-like) to venture on my own, but I know Dave will still help me, and overall I'm excited to immerse my self even more in the exciting (and sometimes depressing) world of real estate.

Easter Time

Easter came with all it's activities and the kids and grown-ups have enjoyed the season (for the most part). Bridget got to participate in an Easter egg hunt at Tumble America (where she takes gymnastics- "hand-sticks" as she says) with her BFF, Alex. They had a great time and enjoyed visiting with the Easter Bunny, himself!

Dave and I left the girls at my mom's house, and we snuck off to Lake Tahoe to enjoy the last days of the ski season. We got fresh snow, but the weather cooperated enough that we were able to ski all day without freezing too much. Not bad for mid-April! We even escaped without losing any money to the casino or any horrible chocolate-martini-hangovers!

Easter at Mom's

Then we went back to Mom's for the holiday feast and the official Easter egg hunt. The girls really enjoyed their time and grandma's and had a lot of fun searching for their eggs. My aunts and uncles also stopped by for the day as did my step-brother and sister-in-law. It was so nice seeing everyone, but ov course, chasing two toddlers around and keeping everyone out of trouble doesn't leave much time for catching up. Oh well, it was great to see everyone.

Here is a Gallery/Slideshow of our Easter Festivities:

Well, as usual, I'm short on time, but I hope to complete my update soon!

Stand by.....

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