Thursday, July 31, 2008

Courtney is walking

Our latest development is that baby Courtney is now starting to walk. At 10 1/2 months, she's determined to walk and despite falling on her face time and again, she just gets back up and tries again. She is so mellow and happy and only cries when tired or hungry. She loves her big sister, Bridget, who cracks her up in the car nearly everyday. What a pair those two are!

Bridget wanted "to go to Mommy's office and meet Mommy's friends", so I brought her into the hospital to have lunch on Tuesday. She was on her best behavior, shook hands, remembered everyone's names, ate all her lunch, and then insisted on going back to daycare for her nap. She was just perfect!

Courtney had an additional photo shoot with Jamie (of I See Beauty Photography) and she did so good. I know we got some wonderful images of her in an antique pram. I'm so excited to get these gorgeous photos in the house...Jamie has such a gift. I'm hoping to get a great black & white set of prints for a big wall collage. I am so excited! (Stay posted for a little peak!)

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