Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sliver of Sunshine at the Diamond

While California is known for its wonderful, year-round sunny weather, we, in the Central Valley, do actually have a winter season, albeit a moderate one. Usually riddled with dense, dreary fog, and minimal amounts of rain, it's just a short season breaking up the long, hot summer. Yes, we don't usually get all the rain we need to sustain the wonderful agriculture industry the valley needs, but this year we have seen quite a bit of rain, and I am not about to complain.

In our house, we are all finding different reasons to enjoy the rain. The girls have discovered puddles and love any excuse to don their galoshes ("huh?" they say), er, rain boots, and stamp through any standing water they can find. Well, even without rain boots.... Dave has been charting the weather daily to plan as many ski trips as he can fit in. He even bought Bridget ski goggles...I guess for that blizzard she's going to ski through? That man is all about the skis right now. And I just love to listen to the patter of the drops...whether curling up with a book or working, it's all better with the soft sound of rain in the background.

But Saturday provided a slight break between storms and we jumped at the chance to get the kids outdoors. With a sunny and 65-ish degree day before us, we decided it was a perfect day to take the kids to their first baseball game and support our college at the same time. Taking a 2-year-old and 4-year-old to a baseball game, sans naps, is a bit tricky, but if you can try to remain flexible (soooo hard for me) and don't care if you have to leave in the 6th inning, it is a great way to spend an afternoon.

The girls made friends with a 4-year-old girl in sitting in front of us, had a ton of ice cream (thanks, Dad!), and tried to grasp the concept of the game (so over their heads). The only part I really couldn't handle was their fascination with the discarded sunflower seeds spit all over the ground. SOOOOO GROSS their need to inspect them, to pick them up, to put them in their mouths?!?!? OMG! And as much as I tried to explain how gross the shells were, the MORE they became obsessed. UGH!

** Note to self: Next time I take the kids to a sporting event, be sure to pack a tiny broom and dust pan in the purse.


Unknown said...

What a great way to enjoy the sunny day. The game was always too slow moving to keep my attention but I loved going for the snacks. Kind of like your girls...but from the concession stand rather than the ground.

Unknown said...

Oops..wasn't sure what ID name would show. The last comment was from Martha Tessmer. My Google account honors my son whose nickname is Dono.

The Graces said...

I'll be sure to have sunflower seeds for the kids next time you come visit!