Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bead in the Nose Incident (aka What Every Parent should Know)

Well, it has been a couple weeks since the incident occurred, but I've been meaning to chronicle the ordeal and publish the solution in an effort to save parents of pre-schoolers and toddlers unneeded stress, anxiety, money, time, and ultimately a trip to the Emergency Room.

So I was at work and checked my voicemail only to discover a message from the daycare director that Bridget had lodged a rock up her nose. Knowing my daughter the way I do, I couldn't help but laugh and roll my eyes. I probably shouldn't have still ben chuckling when I called the director back though, having now painted myself as an unsympathetic mom. Well, I walked over to the daycare to see what I could do, and sure enough she had a very small pebble stuck about halfway up her right nostril. She would start squirming and screaming anytime we tried to get close to her nose. We got some tweezers, but just the sight of them completely freaked her out. I tried to get her to blow her nose, but she was too scared and refused.

Having exhausted every option we could think of, Bridget and I walked back to the hospital and into the Emergency Room. Luckily it was a pretty slow day in the ER and they got us in to see the doctor in less than an hour. So we got the obstruction out....but I was the one that did it.

Here's what I did.....

*** Instructions***
The doctor instructed me to lay Bridget on the bed on her back. I plugged the clear nostril with my hand and then blew into her mouth (like CPR). Just one puff and the pink bead popped right out (along with a fair amount of snot that coated my face...gross).

Yes, it was not a rock or pebble at all, but a pink bead that she had found outside. She liked it so much, she didn't want anyone else to get she put it where no one could get it. Good thinking, Bridget! After the ordeal, Bridget and I went to the cafeteria to lunch on chicken nuggets and chocolate milk, then we walked back to the daycare in time for naps.

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Alison said...

Hilarious! My kids have never stuffed anything up their noses...but have swallowed their fare share of stuff...metal balls, lego, even a TOOTH! Whoops! :) Isn't parenting fun?

BTW, thanks for adding my button! ;)